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This village Mattom has catholic tradition of around 1870 years. it is a area far from the madding crowd. Around 5k m away from here passes the Kunnamkulam-Thrissur state high way; the Guruvayoor –thrissur rail way track also is around 5 km  from here.

It is belived that St.Thomas church Mattom was established in  AD140. Just 500 meters towards the north you find a hillock call  choolisserikunnu or methrikkovil kunnu. Now it is known  Vanamathavinte kunnu or kanakakunnu it is a hillock abundantly blessed by the goddess of nature. Standing on the hillock one can see the  adjoining hills and villages squinted  by paddy  field and areca nut plantation laced by coconut trees. One can stretch his eyes to the horizons to the rising son in the east and the sating son in tha arabean see. The pilgrim centers like Guruvayoor temple and Playoor church can be seen from here, at distance 7/8 km only There are more than hundred houses, big and small on this hillock now. The Allor village office and Kandanassery  panchayath office are located on the sides of this hillock. A cinema theater also can be seen now. St .Francis higher secondary school is seeing  in the hollering head on the northern side of the Vishnu temple .the beautiful shrine of our lady is located at the top of this hillock .this is today’s story.

Around 70years back this story was different .there was only that Vishnu temple on Methricovil kunnu   it was a haven for wild foxes and timid rabbits bushes under he cassio tree  gave the sufficient protection . There e was no human habitation on or around the wild hiloock.then asst vicar rev Fr. Sebastian vellanikkaran used to have his evening walk to the top fog this hillock .it was  he who established d the picture of our lady of perpetual help  witch he had broth with him from Rome ,on his way back after his studies there

That picture seems to have a historical background it was brought Rome frame Cruet Island. How it come to Crete ,is  untraceable .that picture was there in briskness mans  house in Rome  there ere our lady appeared to a girdle and suggested ,it is said, that the picture  could kept in St.Mathews church Flanker by the churches of St Maries and st .Lourdes this picture was there for three centuries from 27th  march  1499. In visiting the attraction of thousands of pilgrims .the war in 1796 to telly distorted the St Mathews church but Fraugastine of that church kept the picture safely in another church at the suggestion of Pious pope 7th.

The retentive prestos build a new church in the place of the destroyed church, namely st Alphorns church and the picture way s re instated there by the order of pope Pious 9.dated 26-4-1856.The original picture is still there and copies are taken to the different countries .the one came to India was taken to mattom by rev fer Sebastian vellanikkaran

Here at Mathrikovil the picture was kept in a groove cut in a rock. The innersole chapel was a rock cut tile covered structure. It is said that “on the first anniversary day itself in 1939. The program way s attended by around 5000 devotes christen and non christens” says rev Fr. Steesun jaganam


Hundred and one steps were cut from the main road to reach the top with safe and land for that was donated by Mon Paul.              

            The history of this  shrine  will be incomplete with out mentioning   Sr.krishann namboothiri of vadakkambatt mana who very genus   donated one area and 91 cents to the chapple of our lady .He was the moorland of mahrikovile vbishnu temple and his generosity ios un fadinglychershed.
Rev Fr Thomas Attokaran and G.C Alappat  were the two vicar of mattom parish who there level best to race  this shrine of our lady into a vibrant pilgrim center .the presents seventy feet deep square we;; was day during the time of Mon.G.C Alappat
          On 13th July 1939 Marian sakyam was started at Mattom the first of its kind in India with rev Fr. Sebastian vellanikkaran the first promoter
The fame of our lady spread the length and breadth of our lady and pilgrim from other state also followed wit h this chapel. 74 old chapels reminds for 30 years the second Sunday after Easter was the festival day. In olden days chendamelamfor the festival was sponsored by pious hindmost of area.

The present octagonal structure of shrine to its shape in the mind of another vicar as spiritual dignitary Rev Mon John Maliyakkal who was a staunch devoted of our lady. Until his time three was no rode to the top of the hillock. he took the charge of the parish in 1956 and an unbarred round was cut at his time .Evan after his transfer from this parish he remind a devote of ‘ vanamatha’and send good amount of money as donated for the  concreting of the road  we drive to the top in the bus the donation of the once beloved  late  Rev Fr john  Maliakkal

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